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We do things to gain experience

Every product we develop goes through Consultancy, Design, Development, and Maintaining stages. This approach allows us to understand clients’ needs better and develop just the right product. 

About S-PRO

We are a software development and IT consulting partner specializing in developing solutions for technology-first businesses. Our key clients are Swiss and German companies in Fintech and Healthcare industries. As a result of years of cooperation, we have gained significant domain expertise in these areas.

We know what it takes to build successful products from scratch. Over the past 8 years, we have completed more than 150 projects, ranging from small MVPs to large-scale enterprise solutions, resulting in years of cooperation with our customers. 

 S-PRO Work process

Why Clients Choose S-PRO

Product–Market Fit, Product Mindset & Partner Attitude.

The Design Thinking methodology allows us to achieve product-market fit to ensure profit and scalability. We look at business through customers' eyes to offer our partners the best solution and develop apps with features that meet the needs of the market and provide an excellent customer experience.

As a technical partner, we cover all sides of software product development, constantly looking for new approaches and opportunities for every project.

Why Partners Choose S-PRO

Technology Expertise


ReactJS, AngularJS


NodeJS, Python, GoLang, Firebase

Mobile Development

React Native, Flutter

AI/ML Solutions

NLP, Computer vision, Deep learning, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch


Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Hetzner


NEM Symbol, Solidity, Corda, Hyperledger, Binance Smartchain, Ethereum


Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, Github Action, CircleCI


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How We Work

Product Discovery Phase

Collecting and analyzing information about your project, its market, and its end users allows us to clearly define the project goals, scope of work, and limitations as well as assess business opportunities and prepare a solution vision.

Product Design Phase

This is a complex multi-step process at the junction of engineering, management, and graphic design. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what the final product will look and feel like. It also defines what tasks the product will handle and with what tools it will do so.

Product Engineering Phase

Establish the roadmap and the team to provide a predictable development process. Create efficient projects with the latest technologies and brand-new approaches.

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Today, we have 250+ specialists from all over the world working remotely as well as in our locations spread across Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Switzerland, and Germany.

Our Track Record


years in the market

completed projects

Industry Awards

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