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Team Values

Develop Yourself

We want our company to grow fast and solve new challenges; that is why we need to learn unknown things.


We want our communication with the team and partners to be easy and efficient; that's why we strive to create synergy in our work.

Product Mindset

We want our clients to be successful on the market; that's why we develop products for them using a product mindset.

Chain of commitments

We want to succeed in our strategic plans; that's why we take responsibility for everyday tasks and understand that the work of everyone influences global success.

Your Skills Are As Important As A Global Result

We believe that the minor success of every member leads to a big win. If you are in S-PRO, it means that we believe in you and your sky-crossing potential. For us, you are already a star! So let's bring a clear vision to every project that we will build together.

We Do Things To Gain Experience

We are a team of doers who don't feel afraid to experiment and gain knowledge through mistakes and hypotheses. You will have a chance to try new methods in your work and use metrics to see if they are working. We are a team of experts.

What The Team Is Saying

Sofiia Shovkun, Marketing Lead

I've grown to the lead position in 2 years! Thank you, S-PRO, for giving young specialists all the chances to develop. I am excited to have such a good team!

Nikita Shevchuk, QA Engineer

“S-PRO is a place to grow as a specialist and the most employee-friendly company I know!”

Elena Osipenkova, BA Lead

“At S-PRO, I have always felt and still feel the company's and the BA team's support. For me, "knowledge sharing" is still one of the most important guarantees of successful development.”

Oleksii Virovka, Middle PM

“Seriously, growth and development in S-PRO are incredibly fast for me. That's cool! I came with a 0 in IT, and now I have a lot of experience. But the further I go, the more I realize that there are no limits, and I am still somewhere just on the first steps of my new path."

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