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React Developer

Software Development

Job description

We are looking for React developer who can help us build products for our customers in FinTech and Healthcare domains.

We expect you to be an initiative and experienced individual who has a passion for ReactJS development and is willing to learn more.

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so we expect you to work in pairs, use test-driven development and write clean and maintainable code. We are always looking for ways to improve our development processes, and we welcome your expertise during technical discussions.

You'll work in a fast-paced environment with other talented developers, designers, and product managers to build software that helps people live healthier lives and make smarter financial decisions.

This is an excellent opportunity if you're looking for

  • A team where you can contribute your expertise as a React developer.
  • The chance to solve real-world problems in FinTech or Healthcare domains.

What we offer

  • Long team focus: we create an environment of transparent communication, minimal bureaucracy, which leads to long-term relationships.
  • Development of niche expertise: we are working in several niches, such as, FinTech, Healthcare, and Logistics.
  • Continuous learning: we create employee development plans / personal roadmaps / quick promotion process. We also encourage the desire of specialists to develop by paying 50% of the cost of professional courses and conferences. And if someone successfully completes a course and receives a certificate, they may receive 100% compensation.
  • Internal career development: 80% of our current executives were promoted to those positions within S-PRO. We encourage initiative.

Benefits and perks

  • B2B.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Full-remote model.
  • Paid vacations.
  • Paid holidays.

Job requirements

You should have

  • Expert understanding of JavaScript.

  • 2+ years ReactJS, Redux, redux-saga or redux-thunk and TypeScript experience.

  • Strong knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap.

  • Experience with CSS preprocessors SASS (LESS).

  • Experience with Git, Git branching model.

  • Unit testing (Jest, Enzyme).

  • Intermediate English level.

Join us to gain ​​a remarkable experience in your professional life!


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How We Hire

Our hiring process is thorough to ensure that we make the right decision and to help you decide if we're the right fit for you.

Getting to know you

It is the first chat. Let your recruiter learn about you and your story to check a potential fit for S-PRO. This is also a chance for you to ask first questions about the role and company.

Manager’s interview

In this meeting, your future Lead takes a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in the business or technology. As well as some questions about your expertise.

Final chat and offer

You made it to the very last stage! Here we already strive to cooperate with you and believe in your growth and sky-crossing potential. We are hoping that during the previous stages you were able to know us better and willing to join the team.

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